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Moon phase on : . During each lunar month, we see the Moon's appearance change from not visibly illuminated through partially illuminated to fully illuminated, then back through partially illuminated to not illuminated again. The illumination in this moon phase is .

The number of days counted from the time of the new moon is the Moon's age. On the Moon is old. The lunar cycle takes 29.53 days to complete, which allows us to see it changing and morphing from new moon to new moon.

Check the to see all the moon phase for this month including full moon, new moon, first quarter and third quarter. You can also visit our .

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*Moon phase data above is calculated real time and updated every second.


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Our Moon Phase Calendar was built for the purpose that you can easily find exact moon phase information for any date. When you are on a Moon Phase Calendar page, you can easily go to previous / next day, month, or year by clicking the next / previous button so you can easily achieve any date.

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